Frank Aurigemma
AKA  Mistah A
Guitarist, Luthier, Electronics Engineer, Service Tech

Great American Sounds was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to serving Musicians requiring prompt professional service for their instruments and electronics.  My staff and myself have combined experience exceeding 60 years (of course that makes me pretty old).  It is our mission to provide best in class reasonably priced repair and technical services to the professional musician, sound and lighting engineer as well as the serious musician and student.  Our focus is on reasonable turn around times, high reliabilty, competitive pricing and the opportunity demonstrate a strong work ethic. We will always stand behind our work and we will always pursue a cooperative dialogue that assures our customers that we are addressing their issues and concerns for their tools of the trade.  Whether it is a guitar set up or amp repair our clients can rest assure that we will stick with the issues until they are satisfied.  We always advise our clients prior to starting the work whether or not a repair or service is worth while as a function of the actual value of the instrument or device that is being repaired.   We listen very carefully to our clients and we only offer advice when asked and only with regard to the service, repair of inquiry  we are addressing.  We don't try to sell you anything.   We have worked long and hard to establish ourselves as a reputable and competent resource to the musician and continue to look forward to having the opportunity for providing these services to you.